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   Community Empowerment Initiatives :
Ms. Pushpanjali Satpathy
Pushpanjali handles documentation and publication work for Vasundhara. She contributes to the wider dissemination of our learning and research findings through her writing. In addition, she is also a part of the Community Empowerment Initiatives team. Since joining Vasundhara in 2003, Pushpanjali has emerged as an analyst to discuss interventions and strategies for almost all thematic teams. Along with a Masters Degree in Political Science, she is also a B.Ed. Email:-satpathypuspanjali@gmail.com
Ms. Bhagyalaxmi Biswal
Since joining Vasundhara in 1998, Bhagyalaxmi has been involved with the capacity building of the federation of community forestry groups, community institutions, and women’s groups. Her efforts have led to a remarkable increase in women’s participation in the federation, and in bringing their livelihood issues to the forefront of the federation’s agenda. Her prior experience includes working with self-help and thrift groups in the Nayagarh District of Orissa..She is a graduate of Utkal University and also has a Diploma in Rural Development from I.G.N.O.U.Email:-b.bhagyalaxmi@gmail.com
Mr. Nilamani Mohapatra
Nilamani joined the CEI team in 2003. He works with Maa Maninag Jungle Surakhya Parishad and supports the process of strengthening the federation and its democratisation.He has extensive prior experience with forest protecting groups, and with networking and advocacy efforts in Nayagarh District. Email :- nilamani.mohapatra2007@gmail.com
Mr. Ashok Parida
Ashok.joined Vasundhara as a field assistant, and presently he assists with the agarbatti stick-making enterprise process in Ranpur, as well as with the federation building process. Ashok is a graduate in Arts and an energetic person.Email:-ashok.parida@gmail.com
Mr. Madhav Jena
Madhav joined Vasundhara in 2003 and has worked on federation building of CFM initiatives.  However, he has been facilitating community mobilisation towards strengthening CFM prior to this as well.Email:-
Democracy, Equity, Social Justice and Ethical Development

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