Vision & Approach

Vision and approach

Vasundhara envisions creating a more sustainable world by ensuring rights of tribals and forestdwelling communities, enhancing sustainable livelihoods, adopting indegenious practices tomitigate impacts of climate change.

Forest Rights and natural resource governance

For over three decades, our constant efforts have been towards championing the cause of rightsof tribal and other Forest Dependent Communities as envisaged under “The Scheduled Tribesand Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006” – usuallyreferred to as the ‘Forest Rights Act’. Ensuring their rights under the FRA, opens ineffableavenues to make decade long amends to the tribal communities and other forest dwellers.

One of our core focus areas has also been assessing the access and control of women overland, forests, other natural resources and livelihoods. Rights of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups to their Natural Resource Habitats and to their ancestral land is another core focus ofour work.

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